BLVCK Vs The Rest

ComparisonBLVCK Other Brands
The Gel

Dental Grade Peroxide


Sodium Bicarbonate
(Found in Baking Soda)
The Technology
Dual LED Light 

- Blue Light - Enhanced whitening
- Red Light - Reduce sensitivity & kill bacteria

- 5x More Powerful - 24Bulb LED
- USB rechargeable  

- Light weight ergonomic design
- Singular piece                 
LED Light

- Blue Light - Enhanced whitening 
-  5 Bulb LED 
- Battery powered

 Two piece design 
separated mouth piece and light
The Vision 
Continually innovate and improve our products over the years

Remain the same 

The Best Teeth Whitening Kit in the Market

In recent years, the cosmetic dental industry has sky rocketed into billions of dollars. However, we saw some issues that we needed to be solved.

We saw hundreds of products flood the market place that don’t work but promised you a whiter smile. These companies claim to use ingredients such as Sodium Bicarbonate a chemical which can be found in baking soda.

The results you will get will be the same as using a $2 bag of baking soda to whiten your teeth. We also saw to the rise of overpriced teeth whitening from cosmetic dental clinics that charge $500 to $1000+ for teeth whitening sessions. This is not very affordable for most people and definitely not convenient for those with a busy lifestyle.

We worked to solve these issues. BLVCK have designed a range of premium dental grade teeth whitening products that contain the exact same ingredients used by Dentists that you can use in the comfort of your own home.

We've design the most powerful and high tech kit which allows you to be mobile and continue doing whatever you need to do whether its exercise, reading, working or even while getting ready to go out. 

The Technology 

Our technology looks to innovate the teeth whitening industry not only by giving you a more powerful whitening experience but to improve your oral health using our dual LED light. 

Our Red light therapy mode is scientifically proven to:
- Reduce tooth sensitivity
- Prevent gum recession - otherwise known as gingivitis
- Heals redness, sores and inflammation 
- Kills gum and Tooth disease causing bacteria 
- Freshens breath 

Using a lithium ion chargeable battery instead of small disposable batteries our LED light is 5x stronger than the regular whitening light boasting 24 bulbs of powerful whitening LED light. 

Once you go BLVCK you won't go back. 

Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth Whitening Kit

Sold out$119.50
15 MINUTES2 STEPS7 DAYS A WHITER SMILE GOES A LONG WAY Our Teeth Whitening Kit has been specially designed to give you maximum results in 7 days with each
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